The Swimming Pool is the place that, more than any other, gives us the chance to sink into ourselves. Whether in a relaxing whirlpool or just to have a quick dip, the time spent in the water restore both the body and the soul.

A swimming pool is not only a construction work but above all a dream which we are able to fulfill.

about us

our history

Silpa has started creating swimming pools in 1988, showing from the very first moment outstanding passion and competence in realizing unique and comfortable works. Our specialists have developed an enviable capability in conceiving swimming pools fitting any place and specific skills in fulfilling them from top to bottom.

Every single project is an original work.

Many people tend to commit to prefabricated structure: instead, we like thinking that every swimming pool must be unique, it must mirror the client’s demand and respect the place it is located in. From the very first inspection we collect useful information for our project, analyzing the area’s peculiarities in order to determine the required action typology.

We don’t simply present graphic illustrations but an out-and-out footage showing every single element characterizing the swimming pool and the environment surrounding it. The client will be able to analyze every part of the project, discovering its costs and our trademark and, at the same time, watching with its own eyes what will be realized.

Our goal is not just building a common swimming pool but exactly the one you really need.

Passion moves us but what we really put in your use is experience. We are very proud of our workmen and of their 25-years-experience in the swimming pool field; our company structure make it possible to transmit their valuable knowledge from one generation to the next. Silpa represents the ideal partner to create any type of Swimming Pool as it combines the dynamism of a strong and young company and skills gained after decades working in this field.

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