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Silpa’s main task lies in the realization of Swimming Pools, both for accommodation facilities and privates. We deal with every single aspect related to them, from the project step to the building one, up to the customer assistance and maintenance, offering turnkey answers.

This is or specialization,
this is what se love doing.

Thanks to the experience we’ve gained in this field we are able to realize Swimming Pools for sport, hotels, villages and full-service sports/spa/wellness centers.

Another key element of our business is the water purification, due to our experience in sterilization, filtration, dross and heavy metal removal, dulcification, osmosis, chemical/biological plants and anything necessary to water treatment and purification.

Services offered by Silpa:

  • Swimming Pools
    • Filtration Pumps
    • External Swimming Pools’ accessories
    • Internal Swimming Pools’ accessories
    • Lighting Items
    • Cleaning Items
    • Competition swimming pools’ accessories
    • Shingle and roller tube
    • Water chemical treatments and analysis
    • Monitoring, controlling and automation
    • Waterproofing items
    • Swimming pools reinforced concrete shingle
    • Prefabricated swimming pools
    • Monobloc swimming pools in fiberglass
    • Monobloc swimming pools in pottery “Worldwide Patent”
  • Wellness
    • Water solutions
    • Waterfalls
    • Whirlpools
    • Geyser
    • Light showers
    • Upstream swim
    • Wet air solution
    • Steam baths
    • Infrared cabs
    • Turkish bath
    • Kneipp treatment
    • Multi-sensory shower
    • Tepidarium
    • Ice waterfalls
    • Thalasso therapy
    • Heating session
    • Chromo therapy
    • Aromatherapy
  • Water treatments
    • UV-rays sterilization
    • Inverse osmosis
    • Filtration
    • Iron and manganese removal
    • Arsenic removal
    • Niter removal
    • Gas and ammonia removal
    • Dulcification
    • Under-sink osmosis
    • Cartridge filters
    • Cartridges
  • Reflue purification
    • Flotation units
    • Physical-chemical monobloc systems
    • Biological systems
  • Resins and Filtrations
    • Ion exchange resins
    • Activated carbon
    • Pyrolusite anthracite
    • Dolomite quartzite
  • Chemical products
    • Boiler water
    • Dosing pump
    • Tools
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